About us.

a multi-generation landscape company focusing on safety, sustainability, and quality.

We began as a Columbia-based family business in 1986 and have evolved into a statewide business with branches in the Upstate and Lowcountry.

Our Heritage.

We are in the business of creating long-term relationships by focusing on safety, sustainability, and quality. 

While the company has grown over the decades, we have remained dedicated to our strong values-based culture that guides our operational ethos. Heritage harnesses Safety, Excellence, Efficiency, Faith, Family, and Growth as pillars to guide all aspects of the company as we focus on growing our footprint across South Carolina.

With our family’s third generation entering the business, we will continue evolving our services to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Our Story.

The founders of Heritage Landscape Services, Robert and Debbie McLeod, had a great deal of interaction with the outdoors since childhood. Robert McLeod remembers visiting his grandfather’s nursery in Clinton, S.C., to help grow and ship creeping phlox plants. His wife Debbie also has fond memories of playing in her granny’s yard in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where roses, red poppies, pansies, and vegetables flourished.

The Early Days

In 1986, a devastating drought on the McCleod family farm in McBee, S.C., led Robert and Debbie to move to Lexington and begin Heritage Landscape Services.

Building on their knowledge of farming and gardening, Robert and Debbie decided to become “urban farmers”, a.k.a. landscapers. Initially, the company was based from their home with the help of one additional employee. In the early years, Heritage served a variety of residential and commercial customers.

“We would do whatever we could to get established, even if it was pulling weeds for an elderly lady,” Debbie reflected.

As the business became more established, it became clear the type of work they excelled at was commercial landscaping.

A Growing Business

In the early 1990s, opportunities began to open up (even through a recession) to start maintaining the landscape of shopping centers and office complexes  with an emphasis on renovating older properties. Heritage stepped in and grew at a steady pace over the years, focusing on providing quality service at a reasonable price.

In 1996, the company relocated to Gilbert, S.C. to be closer to its employee base and have more property to grow the business. This allowed the company to expand operations and services to better meet the needs of its customers.

Today (& Tomorrow)

The company currently run by the family’s second generation, Ashley McLeod and his brother-in-law, Kleck Harman. As Heritage continues to grow, our company will continue to focus on its values, offering quality service with a personal touch.


our team


our team

Together, we decrease environmental impact and reduce cost.

Together, we sustain.

Heritage is on top of everything, including timing of major landscaping projects that I only told them about once at the beginning of the year. They are innovative and think outside of the box with my budget in mind. Heritage goes above and beyond every time to do a stellar job. 

Sarah Michaels

Community Manager, Factory at Park Circle